Malabar Tamrind


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Garcinia Cambogia popularly known as Malabar Tamrind, is a tropical fruit from Kerela. Although long been used just as a curry spice, it is an extremely powerful health supplement. Garcinia naturally contains a dietary ingredient called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), an organic acid that prevents carbohydrates and sweets from turning into fat, suppressing the appetite by promoting efficient conversion of excessive calories into energy. HCA is generally added to various weight loss supplements in the market. Garcinia not only helps to shed kilos naturally, but also boost energy, improves cardiovascular health, detoxifies and improves digestion. Our Garcinia is sourced fresh as a fruit from the hills of Wayanad, Kerela. It is grown organically and sun dried in a natural way to keep all the nutrition intact.



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