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Frequently Asked Question!

Yes, as we believe that it is better to provide few best quality products rather then selling multiple products of average quality.

A good amount of research is involved in identifying genuine fresh products, processing , packaging and delivering as per high quality standards.

Our energies are focused on few carefully selected products which, if consumed in there pure forms, have numerous health benefits.



We Believe in the theory of Karma and our motto is to ensure best quality products for you and wise compensation for our hard working associate farmer groups.

Small batches of cultivation involves a lot of manual labour and high efforts at the farms.

Persistent pure quality assurance does cost a little extra where as adulteration and mixing is easy and cheap

We try that our prices are neither way too high or nor way to low, they are just wise enough to keep all associations in place, for bringing these super foods to you.

Walnuts are Organically grown and are available only during the season that i.e. September to March. 

We ensure that they reach fresh from the trees, to you.

They are not the stored variety, or the imported ones widely available in the market.

The crop is Naturally cultivated during its season and is procured fresh.

We may take Bulk orders for few products only as most of them have seasonal limited produce. 

They are grown in small batches and are available in retail only. 

Himalayan Turmeric is much more nutritional.

These Roots grow deep and take 3 years to mature,          much more then the ordinary variety which grows in           6 months and is readily available.

The yield is limited, grown naturally without chemicals,         and finishes fast when we start selling. 

You may order in greater quantity and store it as it never goes bad. 

Cinnamon is the bark shavings of the tree, grown only  in Kerela and Sri Lanka.

The one you are comparing to is fancy looking cassia and not cinnamon. 

Cinnamon has numerous health benefits, its smells soft and taste sweet. Cassia is in the form of neat rolls, It smells strong and the flavour is sharp. 

Europe have banned Cassia in food preparations. Its usage is restricted for making rat poison. It is widely available after import from vietnam and china at cheap prices.

The U.S has clinically proved and developed Malabar Tamrind ( Garcinia Cambogia )  as an effective supplement for weight loss.

What we sell is the fruit in its pure form. You may soak overnight , boil it in water and consume the weight loss drink once it cools down. This makes it more health effective and cost effective. It is mostly used in kerela as a souring spice for curries. 

Our store will be coming up soon. 

However we have our registered office in Gurgaon, Haryana. If you wish to, please feel free to pay a visit and look at the products.