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Hill agriculture has its own unique characteristics. Adhering to the conventional ways of organic farming, small integrated farmlands yield limited high-quality produce. The soil is rich as farmers have no access to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and use organic manures from abundantly available livestock, reaping the benefits of traditional techniques. Natural fertilizers are used and only niche seasonal foods are grown , only those which are possible in the hill ecosystems…
We procure fresh high-quality crop of walnuts and Almonds from the hills of Kashmir. These hill farms start yielding, each year, from the month of September. The produce is extremely high in natural oil content as compared to other varieties available in the market. This natural oil is rich in Omega 3, the much essential fatty acid for human body.
A simple “paper -press “test at home will easily show the oil content comparison. One Kashmiri mamra almond is equal to 10 California almonds if you check for their oil content !
We all know the much-researched health benefits of saffron , and so it’s being crowned as the King of spices. We all are also aware of the wide amount of adulteration the spice faces due to its high demand.
Saffron by Hill Roots is sourced pure and fresh from the Kashmiri Valley farmers. This A-grade quality is hardly available in the Indian market as most of it is exported. After intense labour over a couple of months , Saffron is ready and packed fresh, between the months of October and November each year. It retains its original penetrating aroma , deep colour and naturally bitter taste.
Our Kerala Cinnamon are the original soft bark shavings with sweet taste and fragrance, not Cassia imported from China and Vietnam , being widely sold in the market as Cinnamon…
As a young brand we support the moral, Vedic and nutritional ethics of Indian hill agriculture and bring these niche superfoods to you.
We have a dedicated team researching on ideal farmer associations and picking up the small limited high-quality batches of seasonal products. We ensure their authenticity and freshness is intact from the farm till it reaches your kitchen… The original intense flavour  of black pepper, the whole oil content of Almonds and Walnuts, the original colour and sweet fragrance of saffron all echo our efforts and spirit… 
We have no intention to falsely propagate ourselves as being organic. We are not certified organic , as our associates filter the ways of farming as per their age-old proven conventions.. As we procure directly from the farms, our products are priced reasonably as compared to similar high-quality parallels in the market…
We hope that you will help us in our endeavours to sustain this valuable treasure from the hills… Shop now from Hill Roots. we are waiting for your next order…! 
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